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Welcome to Beauty at Heart Studio!


I am Melany, your Massage Therapist at Beauty at Heart.


The Wellness industry found me in 2007 after moving to New Zealand from South Africa where I was a professional ballet dancer. I established my then home-based business in 2010, relocated to the beautiful space on Rosedale Road in 2016 offering beauty and massage therapy treatments. In 2023 I decided to close the business.


Work / Life balance and Life / Health balance is super important and 2023 was my wake-up and shake-up.

I took time out to focus on my own wellbeing and to find a path forward to still do what I love but be kinder to myself. 

Refreshed and armed with perspective, I am re-entering the massage industry offering massage treatments at Karen's Reflexology Hub.

Massage therapy is my particular passion. I believe it is truly beneficial and a great facilitator of change especially once it becomes a part of your regular good-health maintenance, and the bonus is that it feels great!

With 17 years of experience, I have a great track record of consistently performing massage to a high standard with the ability to adjust and modify each massage according to my clients needs.  It is great to give clients the opportunity to feel better and actively take part in their own self-care. 


Put good routines in place, taking time for yourself to rest and recharge.  Book your massage today! 

We have your inner and outer beauty at heart

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