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Welcome to Beauty at Heart Studio!


I am Melany, your Massage and Beauty Therapist and owner of Beauty at Heart Studio. 


I established my home-based business 2010. After 6 successful years, I relocated to the beautiful space on Rosedale Road.


The Wellness industry found me in 2007 after moving to New Zealand from South Africa where I was a professional ballet dancer.


Whilst helping a friend in her Beauty clinic in Auckland City, I realised that working in a nurturing environment without corporate politics and pressure was more suited to me.

Taking care of stressed-out clients and giving them the opportunity to feel better, appealed to me and I decided to complete my beauty therapy training in Auckland. Setting up my own business was a personal dream come true and I gain great fulfilment from taking care of others.  


Massage therapy is my particular passion. I believe it is truly beneficial and a great facilitator of change especially once it becomes a part of your regular good-health maintenance.  I know that establishing a work / life balance can be tricky at times, but you can strive every day to put good routines in place, taking time for yourself and have a little fun. 


I look forward to seeing you in the Studio!

We have your inner and outer beauty at heart