Massage Therapy


The bodies natural reaction to stress, whether physical or emotional, is to tense up, triggering 'flight or fight' mode. Chronic tension causes tissues to 'knit' together leading to a muscle that is less flexible and more prone to injury, tension headaches, irritability and impaired sleep.


Massage, including deep tissue and myofascial release therapy manipulates the soft tissues of the body, causing beneficial effects on the nervous, musculatory, circulatory and lymphatic systems.


The skilled use of these techniques may decrease tension and flush fluids, noticeably alleviating pain, increasing muscle mobility while promoting a great sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation.


Preceding your massage session,  your massage therapist will consult with you to establish your specific area of concern (target muscle) and your pressure preference. You will also be advised of the sequence of your massage session ensuring that your expectations are addressed.


Decadence Massage (1.5 Hours) $95

Top-to-toe rejuvenation…..enjoy your complete body Swedish Massage. 


Indulgence Massage (1 Hours) $75

This is your power-hour…..time for relaxation and tension release.


Massage Pick-Me-Up (30 Minutes) $55

Targets tension releasing massage for specific zones


Signature Bamboo Massage (1.5 Hours) $99

A stimulating massage using warm natural bamboo canes to knead, sculpt, drain and stretch muscles while relieving built-up tension and aching muscles. Rolling, kneading and sculpting movements are practiced to induce complete relaxation. 

Ethical Considerations

Your dignity, respect and safety is our first priority.


We use effective draping during all your treatments ensuring your complete privacy and comfort.


Please feel free to discuss any concerns with your massage therapist at the arrival of your appointment to put your mind at ease so that you can thoroughly relax and enjoy your massage session.



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  • Delivers an incredible sensation of relaxation 

  • Decrease muscle tension reducing tension headaches

  • Frees up layers of fascia (tissue) that have become attached to each other allowing greater mobility, reducing pain and discomfort

  • Reduce muscle soreness after exercise

  • Can reduce blood pressure and heart rate

  • Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, improving immune function and general vitality

  • Physiological and psychological benefits are far-reaching:  aiding improved sleep, reducing aggressive behaviour, depression and anxiety, promoting a greater sense of wellbeing. 

Contra-indications and Side Effects

Contraindications are conditions of the body where it is ill-advised to massage.


In some cases massage is to be avoided completely or slightly adjusted in pressure, strokes or avoiding the area of concern. Please feel free to contact your massage therapist to discuss your concerns.


Please note that in some cases a medical clearance from your physician may be requested before your massage for your safety.


While most clients feel energised, relaxed and content after massage, some may experience 'flu-like' symptoms on occasion feeling head-achey, tired or even a little sore. These feelings are completely normal and can be reduced by rest, increasing your water intake and applying a warm wheat bag.


Please contact your massage therapist after massage if you have any symptoms so that we can address these as soon as possible.


We have your inner and outer beauty at heart