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Infrared Sauna

Take time out from your busy day to unwind in our Infrared Sauna!


The benefits of infrared Sauna therapy are endless, with detoxification being at the top of the list.  The deep heat of the Infrared Sauna therapy detoxifies the body by stimulating perspiration at a comfortable temperature. This reduces the bodies level of acid and waste residue, such as toxins, sodium, alcohol and heavy metals.


While this 30 minute treatment is beneficial all year round, it is particularly good during the winter months - improving circulation, helping prevent cold and flu symptoms and alleviating aches and pains. 


Bring along your book or favourite music CD or audio book and come and sweat it out in the Infrared Sauna. 


Drinking water and hot towels are provided for your use afterward.


It is fantastic to incorporate Infrared Sauna Therapy in your diet and exercise regime, and absolutely complimentary to any massage treatment as an add-on treatment.

Infrared Sauna Session  (30 minutes)  $30

Pre-paid Sauna Concession  (10 Sessions)  $200

We have your inner and outer beauty at heart

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